Who We Are

Twin Fang Records is an independent record label and label services company based in Toronto, On. We specialize in working with artists who want to take the next step with their careers.

Twin Fang provides a holistic approach to emerging and established artists in the music industry. We provide full transparency with each artist we work with and do our best to reach every goal with the artist’s best interest at heart.

Twin Fang owner, Sarah Sleeth, has worked in the music industry for over 10 years in roles such as digital marketing, release strategy, event management, operations, production, and manufacturing. Notably, as the former Director of Operations at Toronto's Six Shooter Records, Sleeth has accomplished a considerably amount of accolades including three Juno Award wins, over a dozen Juno Award nominations, Gold and Platinum Singles, over 15 Canadian Folk Music Award wins and nominations, as well as two nominations for "Best Vinyl Package" by the Making Vinyl Awards.

What Are Label Services?

Our label services division encompass an array of offerings, spanning from digital distribution, rights management, release strategies, hard merch production assistance, and every facet in between. We offer a reservoir of knowledge, unwavering support, and a meticulously crafted strategic approach tailored to your project. The artist maintains the ownership of their music and content, ensuring absolute creative autonomy and control.

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Release Strategy

We start by meeting you and determining the goals you want to achieve with your project. Then we'll create a marketing plan entirely catered to your project. Each plan focuses on a clear set of goals, objectives and the steps needed to achieve these milestones. Our marketing plans focus on positioning, release timeline, DSP pitching, social media strategy, and more. Twin Fang provides you with the knowledge and tools to tell your unique story and share it with the right audience.

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Distribution & Rights Management

Accurate distribution is imperative to the success of your album and without it you miss out on connecting with audiences, generating revenue, and growing your music career. Twin Fang will administer your distribution to ensure that it’s delivered to all DSPs (Spotify, Apple, Tidal, etc) and digital stores worldwide. We’ll guide you on how to properly register your songs with the appropriate rights organizations which protects your rights as a creator and maximizes your revenue on a global scale.

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Project Management

Twin Fang will provide an extensive release package for your project and provide ongoing support throughout the campaign. This is the most comprehensive service that we provide to artists as it includes all of our services, reactive marketing campaigns, and ongoing support throughout your project's campaign. This service is booked on a monthly basis.

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Streaming Strategy

Breakthrough the noise and get heard. Through a unique auditing process, we’ll identify areas that can be optimized and provide our clients with a proven plan that they can use for future use. We’ll also develop a curated audience targets based on your audience’s listening habits and behaviours.

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Radio Servicing

Terrestrial and internet radio are major players when it comes to releasing new music. Getting your song added to rotation or featured on stations is extremely important when growing your fanbase and your career. Twin Fang will work with you to get your music in front of tastemakers from terrestrial radio, SiriusXM, NPR, and college radio stations.

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Selling merch is one of the best ways to expand your revenue as an artist. Twin Fang will coordinate the design, manufacturing, and timeline of physical merchandise and music (CD, Vinyl, Cassettes) and ensure that you have the best quality products in hand before your next big show.

Let's Chat

We cater each package with each artist’s goals and needs in mind. Whether your goal is to create a comprehensive release strategy, grow your YouTube audience, increase your fanbase, pitch to playlists, set up your album for distribution, manage registrations, or all of the above, Twin Fang’s Label Services division is ready to work with you.

If you’re an emerging artist who’s ready to take the next step in their career or an established artist who wants to expand their reach, we’re here to help realize and reach your goals. 

We offer tiered packages to best suit your needs and budget. Book a discovery call today to learn more.

Email us at community@twinfangrecords.com or click the button below.