Fjord Mustang

Emerging in 2021, Fjord Mustang are the newest iteration of Toronto jangle pop/indie rock. Featuring Vick Egan (Vocals), Devon Pelley (Guitar, Bass), Nathan Smofsky (Bass, Guitar) the band delivers lush, melodic guitar lines, layered with magnetic, dreamy vocals.

Behind the name: an appreciation for mountains and horses...any relation to automotives is purely coincidental.

Their debut 11-track release, Solitaire, is the byproduct of real-life experiences, learning to evolve with life's sudden changes during uncertain times, and enjoying your own company in isolation – exactly like the beloved single-player card game. Solitaire showcases the versatility 
and ferocious passion of the ensemble in full force, solidifying Fjord Mustang as an act to watch.

The album was written and recorded from the musicians' respective homes in lockdown. Crafted piece by piece, each member had a hand in writing and shaping the record, switching instruments and lyric writing depending on the track.

The album was produced by Drew Thomas (Tetra, There There) and features session drums from Ian Romano (Attack in Black, Daniel Romano's Outfit). Following the release of their debut album, Fjord Mustang was selected to perform their premiere live performance at 2 NXNE (North by Northeast) Festival shows in downtown Toronto.

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